SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has introduced the SPECTROMAXx LMX10 ARC/SPARK OES analyzer for fast, accurate, advanced elemental analysis in metal producing and fabricating plants, and iron and non-ferrous foundries.
The CS2 Series force testers can perform the most commonly used tests within most industries from basic static force testing to multistage testing, cyclic testing and more at a fraction of the cost of an advanced materials tester. The CS2 Series force testers feature a large working area of up to 180 mm that allows the operator flexibility to not…
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a unit of Ametek Inc., has introduced the eighth generation of its SPECTROMAXx with iCAL 2.0 ARC/SPARK OES Analyzer — improved with innovative new capabilities and advancements in performance to achieve fast, accurate elemental analysis precisely tuned for material control and foundry applications.
AMETEK Creaform has introduced VXinspect, intuitive 3D inspection software that includes all of the tools for first article inspection (FAI) and quality control.
To contact or not to contact. That is the measurement question. Today,  as parts get smaller and more complex, metrology discussions center around contact or non-contact measurement especially as these smaller and more complex components can be damaged by contact with a probe. 

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(Chelmsford, MA – November 27, 2018) Spectro Scientific, a supplier of fluid analysis instrumentation and software, has been purchased by AMETEK, Inc.