Video Reports

YG-1 USA's new FM10 PNMU face milling platform, which is featured in this brief video demonstration, combines multi-corner face milling performance with high-feed capabilities.
The MonsterMill FRP CR has patent-pending geometry that delivers compression across the entire cutting length resulting in the prevention of projecting fibers, multiple use option, and economical programming of the machine.
Greenleaf’s XSYTIN®-360 ceramic end mills combine Greenleaf’s phase-toughened XSYTIN®-1 substrate with a unique cutting geometry that offers ten times higher productivity and tremendous cost savings.
Designed for extreme drilling in steels, Guhring’s RT100 XF drill family delivers. The carbide grade developed for the RT100 XF balances hardness and toughness.
Overlapping inserts allow Ingersoll’s NuMaxILock to produce smooth chip formation at high-feed rates while high axial shear provides smooth chip formation. Tangentially mounted inserts with dovetailed seating provide greater cutter reliability and insert stability.
The ORBITOOL® deburring tool is designed for in-process deburring of crossholes. The flexible shank and protective ring enable a unique cutting action that automatically protects all critical surfaces, while selectively removing material only at the burred intersection edge.
Tri-V Tool and Manufacturing Co. doesn't turn down work or shy away from challenging parts. To meet customer demands, they’ve added more-sophisticated and advanced horizontal machining centers, an automated pallet system and multi-tasking part processing from Mazak.
Element Six’s roots go back to 1946 as the industrial diamond division of DeBeers, and since 1959, has been focused to become the global leader in manufacturing synthetic diamond and superabrasive materials.
Star Cutter’s NXT 5-axis Tool Grinder is a versatile 5-axis CNC machine, features a small footprint and a large grind zone. The machine can run small and large diameter wheels and is designed in a modular fashion that offers quick adaptation to application requirements.
Watch 2D Adaptive clearing paired with SwiftCARB's coolant through AV series Rampmill rip through aircraft grade aluminum @ 375 IPM on a Haas VF2-SS.  ALL of our tools are proudly made in the USA.
Tungaloy’s TungFeed-Blade is an extremely rigid modular blade series for grooving and parting applications. TungFeed-Blade consists of a triangular CHGP style modular blade with three insert pockets which holds a CHTBR/L robust style tool block. Intended for high feed grooving and parting, the TungFeed-Blade system extends insert life, improves surface finish, and part straightness, while significantly reducing cycle time.
Confirming that your parts are properly supported and ready for clamping has never been easier and more reliable. Be confident your part is safe and secure every time with Vektek’s latest Part Present Sensing Work Support. To learn more, please enjoy this short instructional video.