You Ji YV-600E2T VTC

February 18, 2016

Designed for large lot-size machining of big aluminum wheels or similar parts, the You Ji YV-600E2T Vertical Turning Center (VTC) is described as a compact, high-precision, heavy-duty machine suitable as a stand-alone machining cell or integrated with other machines to form a complete flexible manufacturing system, according to a Feb. 11 news release issued by Absolute Machine Tools Inc., Lorain, Ohio.

Among the highlights of the VTC:

  • A maximum swing of 33.4" and a maximum turning diameter of 29.5".
  • Rigid vertical column and base are Meehanite castings, heavily ribbed for reduced thermal distortion and vibration dampening. 
  • The X and Z axes employ roller-type linear guideways.
  • Specially designed sliding covers inside the machine are said to virtually eliminate chip problems.
  • All ways are completely enclosed, while a forced lubrication system ensures high-precision production. 
  • The high-speed way systems enable rapid traverse rates of 787 in./min.
  • Precision “Class 3” ballscrews are driven directly by the servo motors, eliminating belts or gears for more exact machining.
  • The spindle construction is of a heavy-duty design incorporating double roller bearings as well as 45-degree angular contact thrust bearings. The 100-HP high-torque spindle motor drives the spindle via belts, providing plenty of power for heavy-duty machining and the high speeds necessary for fine finishing.
  • Twin 6-position hydraulic vertical hex turrets are mounted on the rams with tough bolt-on tooling.

Related Glossary Terms

  • flexible manufacturing system ( FMS)

    flexible manufacturing system ( FMS)

    Automated manufacturing system designed to machine a variety of similar parts. System is designed to minimize production changeover time. Computers link machine tools with the workhandling system and peripherals. Also associated with machine tools grouped in cells for efficient production. See cell manufacturing.

  • rapid traverse

    rapid traverse

    Movement on a CNC mill or lathe that is from point to point at full speed but, usually, without linear interpolation.

  • turning


    Workpiece is held in a chuck, mounted on a face plate or secured between centers and rotated while a cutting tool, normally a single-point tool, is fed into it along its periphery or across its end or face. Takes the form of straight turning (cutting along the periphery of the workpiece); taper turning (creating a taper); step turning (turning different-size diameters on the same work); chamfering (beveling an edge or shoulder); facing (cutting on an end); turning threads (usually external but can be internal); roughing (high-volume metal removal); and finishing (final light cuts). Performed on lathes, turning centers, chucking machines, automatic screw machines and similar machines.