Vertical Axis Crusher

April 01, 2015

PRAB offers the Vertical Axis Crusher to quickly reduce turnings and bulky wads of metal into shovel-grade chips. The crusher provides efficient processing and recycling of scrap metal, handling up to 2,500 lb/hr. The engineered crusher from PRAB is equipped with an exclusive solids ejector which automatically discharges bar-ends that could damage the equipment and stop metal processing. This unique feature provides maximum uptime and eliminates the need for unscheduled labor and downtime to dislodge clogged material.

Adding the Vertical Axis Crusher to a facility's metal processing operations will provide:

• Reduction up to six times the amount of material, significantly decreasing required storage space

• Improves use of labor allocations and maximizes uptime

• Increased efficiency in reclaiming cutting fluids and coolants

• Lower transportation costs and reduces housekeeping maintenance


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