'Value Creation Through Sustainable Manufacturing' Book

May 23, 2016

"Value Creation Through Sustainable Manufacturing," by Matthew Franchetti, Belin Elahi and Somik Ghose, is an authoritative guide that presents managers and engineers with proven strategies for implementing sustainable systems and practices in their manufacturing operations. This authoritative book from Industrial Press Inc. is highly recommended for both students and professionals in the field.

Readers will gain a solid understanding of the challenges involved in--and advantages of--sustainability by examining integrated strategies and practical tactics in the context of real-world industry applications. In this discussion, the authors effectively address the issues, costs, and value of sustainable design, environmentally sound resource, process, and facility management, waste minimization and pollution prevention, maximizing energy efficiency and sustainable energy sources, and green supply chain management. 


A coordinated road map of proven, integrated strategies for creating value through sustainable manufacturing systems and practices applies to a broad range of industry applications and organizations.

Ready-to-use assessment techniques, performance evaluations, and economic and cost-benefit analyses, plus case studies, provide guidelines for managerial and engineering practitioners in the field.

Clear discussions cover key areas of sustainable manufacturing—from design, facility, material, resource, waste, and energy management to supply chain, logistics, and maintaining sustainability.


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