Tiger and Wolverine Large Diameter Cutting Wheels Line Expanded

October 14, 2020
Tiger and Wolverine Wheels Designed for Reliable Performance on  Chop, High-Speed and Stationary Saws

Weiler Abrasives, a leading provider of abrasives, power brushes and maintenance products for surface conditioning, has expanded its offering of Tiger and Wolverine large diameter cutting wheels for chop saws and stationary saws, and has also introduced a new line of high-speed cutting wheels for gas and electric saws under the same brand names. The new products provide customers with more options for cutting in the metal fabrication, construction and rail industries. 

“We’re excited to bring new, larger diameter cutting wheel solutions to the marketplace,” says Tony Hufford, category manager — metal fabrication, Weiler Abrasives. “The introduction of our wheels for gas saws, in particular, will help our customers address the challenges of heavy-duty cutting on the most demanding applications.”

While the most common style of reinforcement for this type of wheel consists of two fiberglass layers, Weiler 
Abrasives has included special fiberglass configurations that are outside of the norm and has added industry-exclusive blotter art that identifies each one. These configurations include graphic callouts for wheels with single center or triple reinforcements — specific designs that allow for faster and more aggressive cutting. 

The Tiger large diameter wheels for performance cutting and the Wolverine wheels for standard cutting include specialty products. Among those are the Tiger AO wheels for stud cutting, as well as Tiger AO and Wolverine AO wheels with single center reinforcement for increased speeds and burr-free cutting — both designed for use on chop saws. The line of wheels for stationary saws includes Tiger AO wheels for longer life and Wolverine AO for faster cutting. 

For high-speed gas saws, Weiler Abrasives now offers Tiger Zirc wheels specifically designed for demanding rail cutting applications, as well as Tiger AO wheels that feature triple reinforcements to support the wheels during heavy-duty cutting. 

The cutting wheels are available in diameters between 12 and 20 inches, with 1-inch and 20-mm arbors.