Smooth Touch Type 1 Deburring Wheels

September 13, 2013

A line of Type 1 cotton fiber abrasive wheels that outperform non-woven nylon wheels in many robotics deburring cell applications is available from Rex-Cut Abrasives.

Rex-Cut Smooth Touch Type 1 Deburring Wheels are made from cotton fiber, impregnated with abrasives and a proprietary bond, to create a dense yet flexible wheel that constantly reveals fresh abrasives while deburring. Ideally suited for edge finishing in robotic deburring cells, they are comparable to 6 to 9 density unitized wheels, maintain their density while being conformable, and can be dressed for a wide variety of applications.

Capable of lasting up to 10X longer than unitized wheels, depending upon the application, Rex-Cut Smooth Touch Type 1 Deburring Wheels are available in 1" to 6" dia. sizes from 116" to ¼" thick in coarse, medium, and fine grits. Also well suited for manual applications, they provide the same cushioned feel as nonwoven nylon and will not change a part's geometry.

Related Glossary Terms

  • abrasive


    Substance used for grinding, honing, lapping, superfinishing and polishing. Examples include garnet, emery, corundum, silicon carbide, cubic boron nitride and diamond in various grit sizes.

  • robotics


    Discipline involving self-actuating and self-operating devices. Robots frequently imitate human capabilities, including the ability to manipulate physical objects while evaluating and reacting appropriately to various stimuli. See industrial robot; robot.