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August 30, 2016

In a major enhancement to its line of grinders, Robert Bosch Tool Corp. has rolled out a lineup of small angle grinders that reportedly feature some of the highest power, greatest  durability and most safety-focused options in the power tool industry. This updated portfolio of corded and cordless angle grinders combines performance and overall tool lifetime with ergonomic design, including a reengineering of paddle-grip switches. In addition, each tool offers real value by giving users grinders that deliver industry-leading durability for increased return on investment.

“We believe these new tools are some of the most versatile and cost-effective grinders on the market, delivering tool innovations unique to this class,” said Mike Iezzi, product manager, grinders, Robert Bosch Tool Corp. “We designed productivity and safety features based on input from individual users. So virtually every trade professional, from steel workers to contractors, contributed to development of these products.”

At their core, all of the grinders in this series have two things in common: advanced performance and durability. Powerful new motors, extending from 10- and 13-amp models to 18V, deliver more amperage than their predecessors for faster work and greater productivity, according to the company. In addition, many of the grinders are durable, combining long carbon brush lifetimes, strong motors, direct cooling and motor overload protection.

In addition, longer multigrip paddle switches allow users to grip the grinders in virtually any position along the ergonomic barrel. While convenient for the operator, this design change also ensures the tool’s air inlets aren’t obstructed by hands. This innovation is both a benefit to the user and an industry first.

The 18V cordless grinders (GWS18V-50 and GWS18V-45) models bring an extra level of performance and mobility to the jobsite with their powerful four-pole motors. And thanks to Bosch-exclusive Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) and Electronic Cell Protection (ECP), these cordless tools provide added flexibility.