Mitsubishi Laser Machine

January 01, 2011

Mitsubishi Laser introduced a higher wattage 4.5kW resonator for all 2D lasers, replacing the formerly standard 4.0kW resonator. This power upgrade will increase output, keeping customers productive and profitable. The Mitsubishi cross-flow resonator technology reduces rise time/fall time of square wave pulse. This enables more consistent beam power during the cutting process and delivers a more brilliant and consistent edge quality.

Additionally, the uniform low current discharge provides low-power stability for improved micromachining and etching. Mitsubishi's patented three-axis, cross-flow resonator technology is simple, eliminating from its design the expensive quartz glass tubes and turbo blower systems. This simplification not only optimizes cutting power, it requires 2-5 times less maintenance than other designs, delivering the industry's lowest cost of operation and ownership, according to the company.