Motorized Mirror Mounts

June 23, 2022
Compact Motorized Kinematic Mirror Mounts & Piezo Mirror Mounts

PI, a global leader in high speed laser beam steering mirror mounts often used in optical communication and laser stabilization, also offers a compact motorized mirror mount family, for applications where large angles, high stability, and lower dynamics are required.

Motorized kinematic mirror mounts provide a means to control the pitch and yaw axes of a mirror, usually to direct or deflect a laser beam. To achieve large angles up to 16 degrees while keeping the dimensions as small as possible, the N-480 series kinematic motorized optical mirror mounts are equipped with long travel, high resolution piezo motors. The miniature motors are capable of 20nm steps which translates into angular resolution as small as 0.3µrad. Another advantage of PI’s compact piezo motor actuator concept is the versatility of control – manual or conveniently through software.

Excellent Stability
Piezo motors are self locking and provide very high stability, a prerequisite for many kinematic mirror mount applications, such as optical path alignment, where excellent long-term angular stability is required.

Open-loop and Closed-loop Control
Piezo motors are available for open-loop and closed-loop control. Closed-loop control provides higher accuracy and better repeatability. For most applications, open-loop actuators are sufficient, especially when an independent signal, such as optical power, can be used to close the loop externally.

Different Aperture Sizes
The N-480 compact motorized optical mounts provide tip/tilt angles up to 16 degrees in θX and θY and are offered for optics diameters of ½”, 1”, and 2”.

Vacuum Option
The N-480 precision mirror mounts are available for ambient conditions and vacuum to 10-6 hPa.

Motor Controllers
The E-872.401 compact piezo motor controller is available to drive the mirror mounts.

High Dynamics Laser Beam Steering
For highly dynamic laser beam control and high bandwidth applications, piezo-flexure actuated and voice-coil-driven fast laser steering mirror mounts are also offered.

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