Magafor Micro and Mini Reamers

September 01, 2011

If you need to ream a hole to a tight tolerance in an unusual specification, the answer can be found at Magafor. Hassay Savage Magafor has a line of standard carbide reamers from .0078" in .0002" increments to .0236" and in .0004" increments up to .3760".

They stock over 1,000 specifications of standard reamers in Turners Falls, MA with additional stocking locations around the country. Next day delivery of one reamer. No specials, no minimums, no long lead-times.

Related Glossary Terms

  • reamer


    Rotating cutting tool used to enlarge a drilled hole to size. Normally removes only a small amount of stock. The workpiece supports the multiple-edge cutting tool. Also for contouring an existing hole.

  • tolerance


    Minimum and maximum amount a workpiece dimension is allowed to vary from a set standard and still be acceptable.


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