Low-Cost Custom Dip Molding Parts

September 21, 2016

Harman Corp. announces the availability of low-cost dip molding for custom shipped caps, plugs or handgrip applications. Harman offers in-house design and tooling capabilities and can provide prototypes within 7 working days. Tooling costs for dip molding are 1/10th the price of injection molding, according to the company. Harman produces caps, plugs and other custom dip molding products in a variety of PVC materials including high temperature, textured, foams, FDA approved and anti-static.

Parts can be dip molded in multiple colors and can easily be made and longer and thicker without tooling alterations. Harman also offers value-added secondary operations that include punching, cutting and slicing. Imprinting of company logos or instructional copy can be accomplished using any of three printing processes.