InTronix Spindle

July 19, 2016

Gilman Precision unveils the new InTronix Spindle, the newest and most versatile addition to the company’s product line to date. The InTronix combines the affordability of a belt-driven spindle with the compact size of a motorized spindle without compromising precision, according to the company.

The InTronix’s smaller size leaves a smaller footprint as it reduces the overall size and weight of any given machine. In addition, the InTronix direct couples with any motor, allowing companies to more easily incorporate the spindle into a new build at a more affordable rate. These space-saving characteristics also benefit machines that simply have limited room for components.

Doug Biggs, vice president of sales and marketing at Gilman, believes this new product will have a huge impact on the manufacturing world. He said, “The adaptability that this new spindle offers is a game-changer for the industry. It reduces weight and size without the added price, allowing companies to build machines with smaller footprints. We really are very excited to introduce this new product to current and future customers.”

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