Integrated 'CFRIP' Tear Strip

July 07, 2016

For more than 550 Chainflex continuous flex cables, the process of stripping the cable jacket is quick, easy, and able to be done by hand. With an integrated “CFRIP” tear strip, the cable’s jacket is openable like a zip fastener, allowing up to a 50 percent reduction in stripping time. A high tensile strength plastic thread serves as the rip-cord, after extensive testing to ensure no damage can be caused the conductors. The CFRIP design was awarded a 2016 iF Design Award for its innovative functionality.

To simplify the stripping process even further, igus has now released a specialized CFRIP tool, which protects fingers from the taught CFRIP thread while stripping.

A wide range of Chainflex cables are now available with CFRIP capabilities, including  control, measurement, motor, power, and servo cable options. All Chainflex cables are extensively tested in the massive company laboratory, which allows for a full cable guarantee of 3 years or 10 million cycles (5 million cycles for Chainflex M cables).

Related Glossary Terms

  • tensile strength

    tensile strength

    In tensile testing, the ratio of maximum load to original cross-sectional area. Also called ultimate strength. Compare with yield strength.