IceStorm90 Industrial Cleaning System

February 15, 2017
IceStorm90 Industrial Cleaning System

IceStorm90 is an efficient and environmentally friendly blasting unit, according to the company. The design basis focused on simplicity, which translates through to the exterior, operational controls, and internal workings of the unit.

By using real ice made from water, users can achieve not only a high level of clean, but also significantly reduce media costs by up to 60 percent.

IceStorm has been designed and optimized for use in extreme environments and conditions to ensure effective performance. IceStorm is sold complete with one length of ice hose, one length of air hose, and one blasting apparatus with removable nozzle.

Ice has extraordinary cleaning abilities like no other media. It’s the only media to exist in all three phases (solid, liquid and gas). This translates to enough mass in the solid phase to have abrasive characteristics, while the liquid phase traps all potential airborne contaminates and the gas phase minimizes waste streams.

Ice has a superior cleaning mechanism to any other media. It works in three primary mechanisms, which all take place simultaneously:
Bulk removal: each ice particle provides a discrete impact.
Detail cleaning: each ice particle acts like a new clean bristle. Ice deforms on impact to scrub.
Final rinse: water is a universal solvent for rinsing away ions.


Related Glossary Terms

  • abrasive


    Substance used for grinding, honing, lapping, superfinishing and polishing. Examples include garnet, emery, corundum, silicon carbide, cubic boron nitride and diamond in various grit sizes.


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