End of Arm Tool Degaussing Technology

August 29, 2016

The Magswitch Integrated Solutions (MIS) division is introducing new end of arm tool (EOAT) degaussing technology for magnetic material handling in industrial automation. This reportedly allows for a whole new range of material handling applications.

When some steel parts are handled by a magnetic gripper, they can become slightly magnetized; this is called residual magnetism. This has historically restricted the use of magnetic grippers in a range of applications including those with high tensile steel products, bearings, drive train and engine components. High levels of residual magnetism can be detrimental to the operation of precision mechanical systems or their manufacturing processes by attracting unwanted metal particles to the components, both in assembly and intended operation. Factors which affect the amount of residual magnetism imparted start with the type of magnet technology used. MIS’s patented shallow field technology already minimizes the residual magnetic footprint. Other factors include material composition, treatments and geometry of the part.

The new technology returns the residual magnetic footprint left by the Magswitch tool to an acceptable level. This is ideal for handling powertrain and hardened steel components as well as for manufacturing processes downstream from a degaussing cell.

The degauss technology is an add-on to the new integrated Magswitch Smart Technology. The new Smart Technology eliminates the need for additional sensors, giving sensor feedback in real time based on the state of the tool, providing magnet ON/OFF, North pole ON/OFF target, South pole ON/OFF target, part presence, double blank detection and an over temperature flag. The tool can be calibrated to handle any part through varying sensitivity levels.