Drop-in Field Replacement CO2 Laser Lenses

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August 28, 2019
Drop-in Field Replacement CO2 Laser Lenses

A line of OEM-compatible, drop-in field replacement CO2 laser lenses that can be supplied in mounts for smaller engraving and marking laser systems is being introduced by Laser Research Optics.

Laser Research Mounted CO2 laser lenses for popular engraving and marking lasers include OEM compatible lenses in aluminum mounts that meet ISO-10110 specifications. Drop-in field replacements, these 1/2” and 1” OD lenses are optimized for 10.6 microns where depth of field is critical and are available with focal lengths from 1” to 10” at 0.5” increments.

In-stock for overnight shipment, Laser Research Mounted CO2 laser lenses reduce downtime. Providing <0.2% total absorption values, lenses are offered with coatings to match specific phase and polarization requirements. Suitable for Epilog, Trotec and Universal lasers, aluminum mounts can be supplied by Laser Research Optics or by the customer.

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    outer diameter ( OD)

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