Custom Lenses and Windows

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March 21, 2018
Custom Lenses and Windows

Custom lenses and windows made from zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, fused silica, germanium, silicon and other materials for a myriad of applications are available from Laser Research Optics.

Laser Research Custom Optics can be supplied plano-convex, plano-concave, and as wedged-windows in round, rectangle and square shapes that can include steps, holes and other special features. Made from ZnSe, ZnS, fused silica, germanium, silicon, and other materials, they are well-suited for laser, imaging system, machine vision and opto-mechanical applications.

Manufactured in sizes from 0.5” to 5” OD and supplied with various A/R coatings, as required, Laser Research Custom Optics can be fabricated in a variety of thicknesses with typical dimensional tolerances of ±0.001" to ±0.005”.  Conforming to ISO-10110 specs., surface finishes of 10 waves to 1/10th wave flatness and 10-5 to 80-50 scratch-dig can be provided.

Related Glossary Terms

  • outer diameter ( OD)

    outer diameter ( OD)

    Dimension that defines the exterior diameter of a cylindrical or round part. See ID, inner diameter.