Centricut Air Curtain

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Hypertherm Inc.
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July 07, 2016

Hypertherm is introducing a new Centricut brand air curtain for underwater cutting with ESAB plasma systems. The air curtain is designed for use with the Centricut brand quick change torch for ESAB PT-36, PT-600, and PT-19XLS torches. The air curtain mounts directly on to the quick-change torch. Once installed, it produces a curtain of air that surrounds the plasma arc to keep the arc free from the effects of water.

A simplified design makes the air curtain, smaller and lighter than its OEM counterpart and because it is mounted to a quick-change torch, it is easier to install and remove from the table. This saves time makes the changing consumables much more efficient. The air curtain air connector is adjustable to any position.  The air curtain works with all three Centricut quick-change torches for ESAB plasma systems.

“The introduction of this air curtain expands the appeal of the Centricut brand quick-change to the 20 percent or so of ESAB customers cutting underwater,” explained Cynthia von Recklinghausen, product marketing manager for Hypertherm’s Centricut brand. “These customers are now able to enjoy the convenience and time-saving benefits of the quick-change torch without sacrificing cut quality.”