CBN-Tipped Tools

June 15,2022
CBN-Tipped Tool

Custom PCD and carbide cutting-tool maker West Ohio Tool continues to exceed customer expectations with a recent expansion to its product and service offerings. For those manufacturers machining ferrous metals, hardened steels and superalloys, the company now offers CBN-tipped tools that boost cutting efficiency and provide extended tool life.

“Some of our customers have moved into working with steel, and PCD is not really a good option for them,” said West Ohio Tool Production Manager Chad Mahurin. “Adding CBN allows us to provide them optimum tools for those materials. Also, our CBN tools last much longer than carbide tools, and as compared to carbide, CBN can significantly reduce price per hole.”

The company offers CBN cutting surfaces on all custom tools engineered and designed specifically for unique customer applications, including the EdgeX4™ cross-center tipped drill. Additionally, West Ohio Tool provides quick delivery on CBN re-tipping of other manufacturers’ tools.

“We can get CBN on any type of cutting tool our customers need,” Mahurin said.

In addition to tool design, the company uses its years of experience to help customers determine which grade of CBN to use by researching all aspects of the project from work materials and machining parameters through application support.

Related Glossary Terms

  • cubic boron nitride ( CBN)

    cubic boron nitride ( CBN)

    Crystal manufactured from boron nitride under high pressure and temperature. Used to cut hard-to-machine ferrous and nickel-base materials up to 70 HRC. Second hardest material after diamond. See superabrasive tools.

  • polycrystalline diamond ( PCD)

    polycrystalline diamond ( PCD)

    Cutting tool material consisting of natural or synthetic diamond crystals bonded together under high pressure at elevated temperatures. PCD is available as a tip brazed to a carbide insert carrier. Used for machining nonferrous alloys and nonmetallic materials at high cutting speeds.

  • superalloys


    Tough, difficult-to-machine alloys; includes Hastelloy, Inconel and Monel. Many are nickel-base metals.