Beginning AutoCAD 2019 Exercise Workbook

May 17, 2018
Beginning AutoCAD 2019 Exercise Workbook

For those new to the world of AutoCAD, as well as those honing longtime skills, an effective resource is the Beginning AutoCAD 2019 Exercise Workbook by Cheryl R. Shrock and Steve Heather from Industrial Press Inc. Two new features are included in the 2019 edition, “Drawing Compare” and “Shared Views,” both of which make it easier for colleagues and clients to share and comment upon changes to drawings in real-time. 

All of the features of AutoCAD 2019 are highlighted throughout this new edition, along with the new author-inspired “CAD Tips,” providing insider insight from true AutoCAD pros.


  • Drawing compare and shared views make working with clients and third parties infinitely easier.
  • New “CAD Tips” scattered throughout the book provide shortcuts and suggestions from the expert authors.
  • All exercises include metric and imperial measurements side by side, for a truly global appeal.


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