Aluminium handwheel range now includes solid dish design

July 12, 2022

WDS Components LTD has extended its three spoke aluminium handwheel range, adding a solid wheel plus a two spoke design. The solid handwheels increase safety by removing the risk of finger trap, ideal if greater speed of rotation is required or for use in more hazardous environments. The new two spoke option provides flexibility in look and cost. Aluminium construction is highly durable and provides resistance to corrosion, as well as a lustrous finish. Anodised options also provide greater protection for longer-lasting use.

The handwheels are ideal for machine applications involving adjustment or calibration and can also be used for manual valve control. While the designs are commonly used for precision machine operation, including the accurate control of cutters, the handwheels can be used across any application requiring shaft rotation control.

The handwheel designs include handgrips that enable greater force to be applied, adding flexibility for use across various machine and shaft sizes and weights. The grip also increases precision of adjustment when increased accuracy is needed. The grips are available in a fixed or revolving version that enables faster, easier use with the revolving handle spindle-mounted for easy rotation.

Grip material options include aluminium, matching the body of the handwheel, as well as robust polyamide, or a durable yet cost-effective Bakelite option. Handwheels are also available with tapped holes in the rim for the installation of custom grip options.

Handwheel diameters extend from 80mm up to 315mm, with the larger sizes increasing the rotational force that can be applied. The number of centre bore sizes has also increased, now extending from 10mm to 26mm, providing greater flexibility for shaft mounting and machine installation. Bore designs also include round, square, or keyway, covering a variety of shaft mounting styles, and the handwheels can be secured with a variety of methods, including nut and keys.

The new handwheels join WDS’ existing range that includes a wide variety of designs, materials, and sizes. Spoked and solid dish handwheels are available in various metals, including cast iron as well as a choice of plastics. Diverse hand grip styles are available, including folding options. The full range is located on

Related Glossary Terms

  • calibration


    Checking measuring instruments and devices against a master set to ensure that, over time, they have remained dimensionally stable and nominally accurate.

  • dish


    Form of relief given to the face of an endmill to prevent undesirable contact with the work. Similar to clearance.

  • reaction injection molding ( RIM)

    reaction injection molding ( RIM)

    Molding process that allows the rapid molding of liquid materials. The injection-molding process consists of heating and homogenizing plastic granules in a cylinder until they are sufficiently fluid to allow for pressure injection into a relatively cold mold, where they solidify and take the shape of the mold cavity. For thermoplastics, no chemical changes occur within the plastic, and, consequently, the process is repeatable. The major advantages of the injection-molding process are the speed of production; minimal requirements for postmolding operations; and simultaneous, multipart molding.


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