Aluminium Hand Knob Range

November 20, 2021
Aluminium Hand Knobs Provide Light Weight, Durability

WDS Components Ltd has released a new range of aluminium hand knobs in mushroom, lobe and star designs. The UK standard parts and components supplier has released the new hand knobs to complement its existing range, with the aluminium additions providing light weight and durability. Assembled in the UK, WDS has extensive stock to provide OEM and end-users with rapid availability.

The aluminium hand knobs join WDS’ existing range of plastic, stainless steel and cast iron designs. Aluminium provides a more light weight and cost effective option than stainless steel, while retaining resistance to corrosion. At the same time, the aluminium hand knobs provide more durability than plastic and offer a metallic finish.

The new hand knobs are ideally suited to machine builders, especially those involving aluminium frames where the new hand knobs will help maintain low machine weight. Light weight also makes them ideal for applications within industries such as aerospace.

The mushroom style hand knobs are typically installed on a permanent basis and are ideal for opening and closing doors, drawers, hatches, or push-pull mechanisms. The lobe and star knobs provide a screw capability with fine adjustment and can be used to open and close applications from valves to clamps.

A through-hole option is also available, enabling a thread to pass through the hand knob. This could be required, for example, to turn a long rod at selected mid points along its length, with the hand knob secured in place by a fastener. 

The hand knobs are also suitable for use in high temperature environments.

The new designs are available in an aluminium finish offered in polished or matt. Polished adds shine and can be useful for hygienic applications as hand marks remain visible, while the matt finish is ideal to minimise the display of finger prints and marking accumulated through regular use.

The hand knobs are available in female and male fittings with sizes ranging from M6 up to M12 with thread lengths from 15 to 60mm. Threads are provided in steel and stainless steel options. Assembled at WDS’ Leeds site, hand knobs can be built to order according to customer requirements. WDS carries high stock volume and same-day despatch is also available.

Related Glossary Terms

  • through-hole


    Hole or cavity cut in a solid shape that connects with other holes or extends all the way through the workpiece.