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CTE Lunch & Learn - Tapping in Titanium

January 25 — This 30-minute webinar offers our readers an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the "Thread Without Dread" article published in the January 2023 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering. The article, which features insight from EMUGE-FRANKEN USA and Tapmatic Corp., maps out strategies for meeting the special challenges of putting screw threads in titanium.


New Boring Solutions

July 20 — Cutting Tool Engineering's July 2022 issue focused on how shops can meet demand for stringent boring operations. Bores must be machined with micron accuracy and maintain critical tolerances in low- and high-volume  manufacturing applications. To supplement this report online, CTE addressed some of these solutions during its Ask The Experts webinar held July 20, 2022. The Ask The panel consisted of Rigibore Inc. President Anthony Bassett and BIG DAISHOWA Inc. Senior Product Specialist Matt Tegelman. 

Indexable Inserts

April 20 — Cutting Tool Engineering's April 2022 issue included a feature article about double-sided inserts and high-feed indexable insert milling tools that can help reduce production costs. To supplement this report online, CTE hosted a webinar April 20, 2022, titled "Ask The Experts: Indexable Inserts." Robert Bokram, cutting tools product manager with Ceratizit USA, presented recent technological advancements that now allow toolmakers to produce inserts that they "could only dream about in the past."

Technologies to reduce machining cycle time and increase tool life

February 23 — Utilizing the latest machining options is important for shops to remain competitive and profitable. Cutting Tool Engineering hosted a webinar presented by CAMWorks that explored revolutionary technology and toolpath generation that reduce machining cycle time and increase tool life.