Industry News for 07/2023

Using multiple tools for an application can often slow you down, but with indexable port-cutting drills, machining ports can be much simpler.
In the manufacture of cutting tools for metalworking, the dovetailing of climate and environmental protection with production profitability is becoming increasingly important.
Smart software is paving the way to optimized production and improved decision-making. Digital technology and smart software have already transformed the machining industry with unprecedented access to actionable data for better results in less time.
Engineering has long been male-dominated, but Seco Tools is working to encourage more gender diversity.
Additive manufacturing is set to revolutionize composite production in the defense, aerospace and additional industries.
Sustainability. Autonomy. Collaboration. These topics were amply covered at Stockholm-headquartered Hexagon AB’s HxGN Live Global 2023 conference, which took place June 12-15 at the Caesars Forum conference center in Las Vegas.