Industry News for 04/2023

TN Vaerktoejsslibning, Denmark’s second-largest precision tooling company, is deploying NUMROTO, the programming system for tool grinding from NUM, across its entire production floor. The company cites highly successful long-term experience of the software, together with excellent technical support from NUM, as the key reasons for choosing to standardize on NUMROTO.
In an age of online shopping and mass production, distribution centers are on the rise. Naturally, the amount of packaging is also increasing, and a practical solution is needed to close the loop of recycling so much waste. One major tool distribution company in the Midwest has found its own “circular economy” answer to this problem by using EcoShield Heat Sealable Paper to recycle used boxes into dunnage bags.
With a market full of PPE options, choosing the right safety gear isn’t always an easy task. Plus, finding safe, comfortable PPE that workers will want to wear is more important than ever as the Occupational Health & Safety Administration continues to increase fines.
The transnational ‘EuProGigant’ project aims to ensure smart, sovereign use of data for production and bring this to Europe.
Get improved machining quality, higher availability and longer working life with hydrostatic machine tool components.
As big electronics players squeeze more functionality into smaller devices and printed circuit boards, new challenges are presented in applications, such as microdrilling.
The stock of operational robots around the globe hit a record of about 3.5 million units, and the value of installations reached an estimated $15.7 billion (U.S.). The International Federation of Robotics analyzes the top five trends shaping robotics and automation in 2023.
Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe went from being a specialist in high-performance motor sports to an open-market vendor of five-axis CNC machining.
The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) recently issued new enforcement guidance that will make “penalties more effective in stopping employers from repeatedly exposing workers to life-threatening hazards.” Here is some guidance.
The rise of electrification is happening more widely and suddenly than anyone expected, both for automobiles and for other types of electric vehicles (EVs). A new all-directional tooling method, combined with the next-generation CoroTurn Prime B-type insert from Sandvik Coromant, holds the answer.
Connected worker technology is revolutionizing asset management. Maintenance teams are using various solutions to streamline both routine and complex maintenance tasks.
To become the go-to calibration service provider to customers, KES Machine LLC expanded its relationship with global engineering technologies company Renishaw. The investment in Renishaw's XM-60 and XM-600 multi-axis calibrators enhanced KES' services, allowing it to quickly obtain accurate data and provide high-quality calibration and probing services.