Industry News for 08/2022

Industrial automation is changing the way cutting tool manufacturers operate. Machines have taken on the heavy lifting at each stage of production, letting workers get on with less repetitive tasks.
Cleaning processes often offer considerable potential for improvement when it comes to making parts cleaning operations more reliable, economical and sustainable. The first step is to carry out a systematic process analysis that also takes a close look at upstream and downstream production steps. 
New Scale Robotics released a new case study video with Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, a medical contractor manufacturer in Bridgeport, Mich.
AP&T, a provider of high-performing production solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has developed a press-hardening production solution that it says lays the groundwork for providing car manufacturers with lighter, safer, more flexible designs that are cost and energy efficient.
The quality and value of a decision depends on the quality of the data on which it is based. As in any other aspect of maintenance management, decision-making and operational performance depend heavily on ensuring that the right kind of data is available when required by the relevant decision-makers.
No matter if your business is producing 1,000 or 10,000 products a day, the risk attributed to poor quality management remains the same. Having appropriate protocols in place to consistently deliver reliable goods is essential to not just maintaining customer loyalty, but to sustain a business's costs and profits.
Advanced precision rotary units are designed to minimize surface grinding mess and completely contain any debris.
Free, expert, no obligation, online technical resources are now available to answer questions prior to project bidding or purchasing new equipment.
In this Q&A, Dr. Angel Lopez, director of business development at micrometal GmbH, one of Europe’s leading PCE etching specialists, discusses what considerations design engineers need to bear in mind when working with PCE.
Manufacturers are struggling to find employees and as a result have had to get creative by making investments, re-skilling staff and automating time-consuming manual labor, such as deburring and finishing. Automating these processes results in more consistent, quality products in less time.
Parting off and grooving are among the most important, but also among the most demanding turning operations. Many parameters determine the result and productivity of the process and production. In addition to the rigidity of the machine, feed rate, and cutting speed, the parting-off and grooving tool and its holder are decisive factors governing the quality and efficiency of the grooving operation and workpiece. 
With Sandvik Coromant’s CoroPlus Productivity Improvement Program, machine monitoring solutions give data insights in real time, which can be accessed remotely to provide an in-depth analysis of a complete production cell, right down to the cutting tool.
Spartanburg Steel Products automated one of its existing tandem lines with five large presses that were manually operated at the time. The solution was an AP&T SpeedFeeder.
With a modern control system, a 20-year-old production line can perform and have the same availability as if it were new. Shiloh in Olofström, Sweden is well aware of this – they tasked AP&T with exchanging the control system on one of their existing press lines in 2019. 
Anyone who manufactures sophisticated precision parts and highly complex assemblies for fluid technology must rely on their supply partners. If the partners also bring an understanding of the procedures and competence in the processes, this can lead to fruitful and long-term connections.
"A passion for perfection" – for decades, this quote has stood for reliability and quality from Vollmer. The company has delved deeper into this concept.
The North American robotics market experienced its best quarter ever to begin the year.
The Ottobock company in Duderstadt, Germany, a manufacturer of all kinds of orthopedic systems, recently commissioned two new mass finishing systems from Rösler. The equipment is utilized at a factory in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, which was opened in 2021.