Grinding (Tool and Cutter)

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HELITRONIC G 200 Tool Grinding Machine

In a floor space of less than 2.3 sqaure meters (24.8 square feet), the cost-efficient HELITRONIC G 200 offers tool grinding at its best. Grinding and re-sharpening of rotationally symmetrical cutting tools ranging from 1 to 125mm (0.039” to 4.92”) in diameter with a grinding wheel up to 150mm (5.91”) is possible. The HELITRONIC G 200 can accommodate a maximum tool length of 235mm (9.25”) and a tool weight of up to 12 kg (26.45 lbs).

M18 FUEL Grinders

Both grinders feature a RAPIDSTOP™ Brake for enhanced user safety, stopping most wheels in less than two seconds. The grinders are available with either a paddle switch, designed for increased comfort and ease-of-use when operating in various positions, or a slide switch, designed to reduce user fatigue. Tool-free guard adjustments provide faster guard installations and adjustments to keep users productive on the job.

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