Online Tool Configurator

Whether drilling, milling or grinding, application-optimized semi-standard and special tools from Inovatools make many machining operations much more productive and efficient than with conventional tools. Tools that exceed standard requirements always constitute a particular challenge. But thanks to the new digital tool configurator service, Inovatools now offers an online application that allows users to quickly and easily identify semi-standard tools from the catalog program on the basis of predefined Inovatools standards and conveniently configure customized special tools based on their individual needs, materials and processes.

Vomat Mixing/Dosing and Care System

With a fully automatic maintenance system, Vomat now makes the use of water-miscible MWF even more time- and cost-optimized. The system has a modular design and can be integrated into the respective conditions of each grinding system as required. The heart of the system is the fully automatic mixing and dosing system (MDS) with a tank size of up to 10,000 liters, which constantly regulates the defined ratio of water quantity and coolant concentrate with high precision.

Product Guide for Right Angle Grinding

Explained in the guide, Norton abrasives are classified in BEST, BETTER, and GOOD performance/ price tiers to help users choose the right product for a specific application. The product guide is color-coded for the eight key application processes found in metal fabrication including cutting, heavy-duty grinding, stock removal, blending/ refining, deburring, surface preparation/ cleaning, finishing, and polishing. A “BEST product” solution is referenced for each application. In addition, an application matrix provides a product selection guide divided by material and cost requirement, whether by performance or economy criteria.

Using past ideals, ANCA builds tomorrow’s grinders today

There is an old saying that those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. For one company’s owners and management, however, the truism isn’t quite accurate. The company does remember history, its own company’s history, but they work hard to repeat it. The company is ANCA, the Australia-based company that makes grinding machines … and just about every component and piece of software that goes in them …

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