Electrical Discharge Machines

CUT F Series

The CUT F 600’s intuitive Uniqua human/machine interface (HMI) delivers optimal functionality and ergonomics with a 19" vertical touchscreen, full keyboard and mouse. For the utmost compatibility, Uniqua supports legacy file types from various EDM manufacturers, and with offline and at-the-machine programming, ISO-based functionality and object-oriented programming, Uniqua provides a powerful graphic tool with integrated CAM and also ensures compatibility with major CAD/CAM programs.

CUT P 550 Pro Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)

All CUT P Pro Series machines optimize production for electronics, automotive, medical and mold and die manufacturers with more than 600 pre-programmed cutting processes. On the CUT P 550 Pro, these cover a wide range of parts from less than 0.04" to 15.75" (less than 1 mm to 400 mm) in height and weights up to 3,307 lb (1,500 kg), in materials such as steel, carbide, copper, aluminum, titanium, polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and graphite.

FANUC RoboCut α- CiC Series

The next generation of the RoboCut features innovative technology, making it the most productive wire EDM machine on the market. Constructed for ultimate rigidity, the advanced EDM machines minimize the amount of distortion embedded into each part. New discharge devices, powered by the SF3 power supply, improve surface roughening capabilities while maintaining high cutting speeds.

Wire EDM Module

The new CAMWorks wire EDM module also includes enhanced feature recognition for non-planar geometry. Instead of the user needing to project the geometry for the top and bottom of the part and create 2D sketches, the new wire EDM software uses geometry directly from the solid model to construct and create the correct top and bottom profiles automatically.