Dressing Systems

Truing Parameters Calculator

The Truing Parameters Calculator is the result of a 3-year collaboration between Rush Machinery, the International Grinding Institute, and Dr. Jeffrey Badger, the ‘Grinding Doc’. Rush Machinery commissioned the project that was later presented at the 2008 CIRP General Assembly in Tokyo by Dražumerič, Badger, Klement, and Krajnik titled “Truing of Diamond Wheels–Geometry, Kinematics and Removal Mechanisms,” published in the CIRP Annals, volume 57, pages 345-348.

DM-9CNC Wheel Dressing Machine

Available for 9” and 10” diameter wheels, the machine CNC dresses precision contours in vitrified grinding wheels. The shape can be transferred from a CAD drawing into G-code which the DM-9CNC can read to form the wheel. Alternatively, for simpler geometry, the operator can enter the dress profile in a tabulated form on the 15” touch screen HMI. A diamond plated dress roller is powered by a high-speed brushless servo motor offering high torque and closed-loop velocity control up to 10,000 RPM. 

»drebojet-plus« Diamond Dressing Roll

Lach Diamond says dressing with the diamond dressing roll »drebojet-plus«, which emerged from the PCD diamond dressing roll »drebojet« at the beginning of the 80s, is a noteworthy innovation simply because the presented type of drebojet dressing rolls for the CNC dressing respectively profiling of conventional grinding wheels are maintenance free and do not have to be sent back to the manufacturer for expensive maintenance service.