Shaft Locking Clamps

Pneumatic Shaft-Locking Clamps are designed for quick change applications. In the pneumatic version, when connected to air, the clamp allows clamping/unclamping in one operation. They are perfect for secure clamping of sliding shafts and for use on machines where many clamping or unclamping cycles are run, or for multi-clamping applications. With air supply, remote operation is also possible at places out of reach, or hidden places like the backside of machines, and for maintenance or machine appearance.

NCT200 CNC Rotary Table

Unique to Nikken rotary tables is the innovative and patented carbide worm system comprised of a carbide worm screw, ion nitrided worm wheel (HV930), and hardened steel bearing surface (HRC58-60). The V grade solid carbide worm screw helps to ensure high rigidity and virtually eliminates wear. Compared with traditional worm system combinations (consisting of phosphorus bronze and aluminum bronze), wear is reduced by up to 8 times, and overall accuracy is substantially increased. Additionally, the worm wheel has specially hardened, ion-nitrided treated teeth that eliminate sliding friction.

TG GripSerts

TG GripSerts workholding inserts offer many advantages over traditional clamping systems. Their special triangular shape with a 5° tapering and teeth geometry combine to provide exceptional clamping stability with no need for pre-machining or dovetailing workpieces. They are designed to absorb and dampen vibrations, providing secure and stable holding at lower clamping forces which prevents deformation of the workpiece.

Heavy-Duty Knob Locking Pins

The heavy-duty pins provide for positive locking in quick change applications where there is frequent insertion and removal of a fastener. They are designed to be used with  heavy duty receptacles made specifically to pair with the pins. The wedge of the locking pin pushes out the ball against the tapered surface of the receptacle to clamp the two plates.

Nutrunner Clamps

Fixtureworks nutrunner clamps provide mechanical clamping without the need for hydraulic piping. This simplifies fixture design and maintenance, shortens preparation time, and lowers costs. They are equipped with a hex head for automated clamping and unclamping. Spiral-acting swing clamps and block pull clamp types are both available. They offer the high clamping force needed on machining and assembly lines. They can provide rigid and easy mounting to the plate and provide no tool interference for top surface machining.

OD/ID Form Holding Clamps

For OD clamping, the aluminum jaws can be machined to custom fit the workpiece. For ID clamping, the workpiece is placed over ID jaws, which expand outward using a tapered pin (available separately). The part repeatability is +/- 0.03 mm, and the jaw locating repeatability of +/-0.02 mm.

Clamp Connectors

These lightweight yet quality plastic parts provide a high-end solution with defined load capacities. Depending on the tightening torque of the screw connections, JW Winco lists the axial extraction force, the radial torsional moment, and the rotation moment if an articulated axis is present. The connectors are designed to fully encompass typical construction tubes to create a nonpositive clamping connection.