Chip Handling & Reclamation Equipment

High-Speed Ultra-Precision Spindle with Coolant Through

NSK America introduces CTS-3030, the first high-speed ultra-precision spindle that seamlessly transports coolant through the cutting tool, resulting in superior hole quality and increased productivity. The CTS-3030 Spindle allows for smaller, more manageable chips for better chip flow, spindle accuracy within 1 Micron and eliminates the need for secondary drilling operations.

CA115P/CA125P Next-Gen CVD Coated Carbide

A key advantage of the CA115P/CA125P series is its expansive lineup of chipbreaker options covering everything from finishing to roughing, ensuring optimal performance and productivity across numerous applications. Kyocera is also introducing the new PMG chipbreaker design for optimal medium to roughing efficiency with lower resistance and protection against chip entanglement when machining steel.

PR115S/PR120S Series

The PR115S/PR120S series features Kyocera’s new MEGACOAT TOUGH HRSA proprietary coating technology, offering exceptional endurance and maximum tool life for machining heat-resistant super alloys (HRSA). The inserts consist of four distinct layers.

Washdown Tool

The unit uses multiple spray nozzles on its circumference, providing a steady and pressurized stream. Each nozzle can be plugged or opened to create customized spray patterns. Added spindle rotation ensures that coolant reaches virtually everywhere inside the machine. Residing in the tool changer, and programmed just as any other, the Jergens Washdown Tool is deployed periodically at scheduled intervals. This automation shortens cleaning time and supports long machining cycles, even lights out manufacturing periods when no operator is present.

Single and Double-Shaft Shredders

The volume reduction of aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, steel and other types of metal chips represents a significant cost savings in labor, disposal, transport and storage. Jorgensen/SFH single and double-shaft shredders efficiently reduce chip size in preparation for centrifuging or briquetting. The volume reduction resulting from implementing a shredder also lessens the frequency of bin removal from a machine, giving a shop’s employees additional time to focus on other more productive work. Jorgensen/SFH offer a variety of shredder size options constructed per a customer’s material and desired chip output needs.