The unit accommodates different height applications with an available 13 inches of stroke, 1,300 lbf. of thrust and spindle speeds of up to 3,000. Using an HSK style spindle adapter, operators can use a variety of HSK tool holders. The sturdy cast iron frame, linear rail system, and precision ball-screw feed system provide a solid foundation for…
CNC collet chucks and collets are an alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic workholding devices and are well-suited for high production runs. Standard shapes such as round, square and hexes can be held accurately and quickly compared to a three or four jaw chuck.
The machine places 128 spindles precisely and very close to center. A unique gearless drive is key to making it happen, not only getting each spindle as close as possible, but ensuring rigid performance to avoid backlash. The result is high-quality threads with no lag or out of tolerance thread forms due to gear train play that can occur using a…
The MQ150SU is a sealed unit version of the company’s popular MQ150, featuring an internal synthetic lubrication system and grease packed bearings for long life and operation in any position. The feed unit uses a ball screw on the center line of a hardened, precision, 55mm diameter quill. It is precision ground, pre-loaded with zero backlash. An…
Zagar Inc. announces its innovative machining center multiple-spindle drill and tap heads created for high-production drilling and tapping for automotive, aerospace, appliance, electronics, stamping and die casting industries. Zagar multispindle heads are custom made in numerous spindle pattern configurations to meet specific manufacturing needs.
Zagar Inc. has introduced a new range of Precihole BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machines.
Zagar Workholding Group has added a complete line of rotary and indexing tables to its product offering.
Zagar Inc. has introduced an updated version of their most popular feed unit, the Model MQ-150.
William Leventon
Machine Technology Column