VGrind 260, VGrind Neon and VGrind Argon – these are the names of the three new tool grinding machines from the sharpening specialist VOLLMER. They were presented for the first time at the GrindingHub 2022 trade fair in Stuttgart.
The new duo of VOLLMER grinding machines designed for machining carbide-tipped circular saw blades, is made up of the CS 860 and CSF 860.
The German sharpening specialist Vollmer has completed its range of products with a laser-based sharpening machine. The machine concept for the VLaser 270 will be presented for the first time in spring 2020.
Intended for hook and clearance surfaces of carbide-tipped saw blades, the CHP 840 and 1300 universal sharpening machines with four CNC-controlled axes are suitable for the complete machining of all commonly found tooth geometries, according to Vollmer of America.
Vollmer of America's CHD270 is a sharpening machine with 8 CNC-controlled axes and a measurement device, and it's intended for the automatic machining of carbide-tipped circular saw blades with various diameters and tooth geometries on face and top. 
The use of carbide- or cermet-tipped thin-kerf metal circular saws allows for high feed rates, low machining forces and thin saw kerfs—all of which reduces energy consumption and saves resources, according to Vollmer of America, which specializes in grinding and erosion machines, and develops sharpening machines such as the CM 200/300 and the CMF…
The Vollmer eroding machine QXD 250 makes it possible for tool manufacturers to process more than 30 percent more PCD cutters in the same amount of time as has been the case up to now. This milestone in production is made possible by the generator technology Vpulse EDM, which sets the eroding beat at the heart of the QXD 250.
With greater scope in terms of its travel capabilities, the new Vgrind 360 is able to machine tools up to a diameter of 200mm, depending on the geometry. Just like its predecessor, the Vgrind 160, the same effective kinematics with two vertical spindles allow for multi-level machining.
"A passion for perfection" – for decades, this quote has stood for reliability and quality from Vollmer. The company has delved deeper into this concept.
Wisconsin-based Integrity Saw & Tool Inc. purchased a Vollmer CHX 840 circular saw blade sharpening machine with the Vollmer HS automated loading station to increase capacity to meet the demand from a new pallet manufacturing customer.
The global pandemic has impacted businesses around the world, but for Aiguisatek, a Canada-based sharpening service, the impact was compounded by stringent local regulation in the Quebec province that all but shut down manufacturing in the area. Automation technology solved these challenges.
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The VGrind 360, VOLLMER’s latest tool grinding machine, is equipped with enhanced travel distances in order to machine carbide tools up to a diameter of 100 millimeters.
Christopher Lang, project engineer for Vollmer of America, provides an overview and brief demonstration of the company’s new VLaser 370 machine.
Do you want to grind carbide tools and erode PCD tools with high productivity? The new VHybrid 360 from Vollmer of America Corp. combines the strengths of an innovative grinding machine and a proven, powerful erosion machine.
George Brown, Northeast and Southeast regional manager for Vollmer of America Corp., took a few minutes during Eastec 2023 to discuss some of the features of the company's new VGrind argon machine.
Two technologies, one machine: The new VOLLMER VHybrid 360 combines the strengths of an innovative grinding machine and a proven powerful erosion machine. Allowing you to switch between the two functions in no time! Efficient processing and powerful machining of carbide tools with diameters of up to 50 mm. 

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To keep in line with the growing demand for Vollmer of America Corp. technology, the company invested in additional staff to underpin a commitment to customers.
To kick off this agreement, Transor will provide a filtration system to serve two saw blade grinding machines at Vollmer’s headquarters in Pittsburgh.
VOLLMER of America broke ground on Saturday May 11, 2019 at their new location in Findlay Township, PA near Pittsburgh Airport.
Transor's filtration system is used by Vollmer of America.
A rotary tooling development manager started March 19 and operates out of the office in Pittsburgh.
Vollmer of America broke ground on May 11, 2019, at its new location in Findlay Township, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh International Airport. The new 30,000-sq.-ft. building is in its finishing stages and the Vollmer team is getting ready to move to the new facility. Vollmer has announced the dates for its Open House Celebration Oct. 22-23, 2020…