Last year TigerStop announced the addition of the AutoLoader, an automatic infeed station for the TigerSaw 1000 and TigerSaw 2000 fully automated cross-cutting saw systems for wood and metal, respectively. TigerStop announces that the AutoLoader is now compatible with TigerStop automated material pushers and positioners, as well as TigerTurbo high…
TigerStop offers a new software upgrade for TigerTouch called Dynamic Pack Optimization , which nests packs or bundles of material for the greatest yield. Dynamic Pack Optimization enhances raw material usage and reduces scrap waste.
TigerStop has announced the addition of AutoLoader automatic infeed station, an integration for the TigerSaw 2000 saw system. With the AutoLoader, an operator can load five pieces of material at a time, reducing material handling and increasing operator capacity for performing value-added tasks, such as sorting finished parts.
SawGear, the portable, automatic lineal cutting system made by TigerStop, has added a more robust leg structure to its optional jobsite tables. The new table legs provide increased stability.
TigerStop offers an entirely updated version of its user-friendly, on-board, touchscreen material automation solution, TigerTouch. The new TigerTouch v1.2 is now capable of pack and panel processing and has greatly expanded printing capabilities, which include any printer with a Windows driver.