With its high precision and efficiency, the two-spindle BA W03-22 CNC machining center is ideal for producing high-quality work products in medium and large series for the automotive industry. Compared to a single-spindle machine, cycle times can be reduced many times over, ensuring maximum productivity. The BA profile machine concept can easily…
With an installation of footprint of 25.3m2, the machine is the largest in SW’s repertoire. It features a working rage of 3,000 x 1,800 x 875 mm on the X-, Y- and Z-axes respectively. On each of these axes, the HSK 63 spindle is able to reach a rapid traverse of 120 m/min, with a chip to chip time of 4-4.25s (depending on which optional features a…
The new version of the machine offers a more flexible and therefore more precise machining process. The BA W06 features variable spindle distance of 590.00 mm – 651.00 mm. Travel in the Y- and Z- axes 630 mm and 510 mm, respectively. The independent Z-axis enables machining coupled with compensation value. Fine adjustment of the spindle height is…
Machining customers examining the productivity benefits of multiple-spindle, high-precision machining centers from SW North America will find even further advantages in the full range of automation and turnkey production systems the company provides.
What would form the perfect service relationship for your investments in machine tools and production systems? Spare parts designed and engineered for your equipment? Commissioning and setup services? Training? All these and more are available from SW North America covering six modular areas in what the company calls Life Services.
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SW North America Inc. showcased its BA 322i that features 300 mm between two spindles as well as two worktables, with one being loaded and unloaded while the other resides in the work envelope.
Kirk Stewart, the chief strategy officer and general manager of sales for SW North America Inc., provides a brief demo of the company's W08-12 machine featuring linear motors, two worktables and a position tolerance of 0.006 mm.
Kirk Stewart, general manager of sales and life services for SW North America Inc., shows off the company's BA 322i machining center — a fully automated, independent manufacturing cell from the floor of EASTEC 2021 in Springfield, Massachussetts. SW North America demonstrates a cut on a slide (a firearm component) to highlight the machine…

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SW North America's demonstrations will include live machining of a battery housing for a hybrid automotive vehicle on the BA W08-12 and a gun slide on the BA 322i.
SW North America, a supplier of horizontal multi- and single-spindle CNC machining centers, automation, and complete system solutions, is hosting a 10-year anniversary celebration of its technology at its North American headquarters in New Hudson, Michigan, on August 25, 2023.