The evolution and ehnancement of SprutCAM X user interface will continue. "Less interface is better" sounds simple in theory, but it becomes an extremely challenging task when dealing with CAM software with thousands of features. For many years we have been striving to keep the UI as simple and lightweight as possible. In the last couple…
The AI wizard is called Éncy (pronounced like [ˈɛnsɪ]) and it greets the user with the following message: “Hi, I’m Éncy, your SprutCAM X AI assistant. Ask away, and I’ll be happy to help!” The AI assistant is powered by the OpenAI API, which uses deep learning models to understand and generate natural language. Engineers can communicate with the…
The original version of the application only worked with the robots of three well-known  manufacturers. The latest version of SprutCAM Tech's Robot Calibration app now supports TCP calibration for the following robot brands: FANUC, Kuka, CRP, Denso, Dobot, Estun, Hiwin, Hyundai, Motoman, Newker, Manutec, Nachi, OTC Daihen and Turin.
The online Robot library now includes 675 components from brands such as KUKA, Fanuc, ABB, TeknoMotor, AMB (Kress), SCHUNK, OnRobot, Joulin, Schmalz, Regal, Universal Robots, Güdel, Meltio, among others.
SprutCAM 15 features numerous upgrades including: Multi-parts projects/Tombstone machining; New workflow for multi-task machines (MTM); Experimental Parametric 3D CAD; MachineMaker 2.0 for robots; New generation .NET and visual studio code based postprocessing toolchain; Additional modules for disc cutting, painting, welding, jet cutting, plasma,…
SprutCAM America has announced the release of SprutCAM 12, the company’s latest CAM software.
Alan Richter
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