The airbrush is easy to operate and merely requires the flow rate to be set. The airbrush works most accurately at a constant pressure of approx. 1-2 bar which is set individually.
The airbrush is solid and robust, resulting in a long tool service life. The wooden handle facilitates ergonomic, balanced handling.
The measurement targets are distributed uniformly at intervals of approx. 100 millimetres across the entire Target-Net. The Target-Net itself measures 1500 x 2500 millimetres and has in total  approx. 300 measurement targets. Thanks to the high measurement target density, several scans can be performed very quickly from different perspectives.
The height of the frame is based on the size of the part. The components present in the set permit a maximum set-up height of 300 millimetres. With add-on sets, the frame height can be extended in increments of 100 or 200. The part to be measured is held within the frame by hinged brackets.
A spray with which workpiece dimensions and colour values can be digitised in one scan: AESUB transparent. The workpieces are sprayed uniformly with AESUB transparent from a distance of 15 to 20 centimetres. After just a few seconds, a matt, transparent layer is generated on the workpiece’s surface. In addition to capturing the surface contours,…
Using scanning sprays can achieve better detection of the workpiece location.