New Carr Lane Roemheld DropZero Modular Zero-Point Clamping System enables an end user to completely machine a workpiece in one setup, significantly reducing setup time and fixturing costs. With a few turns of a wrench, DropZero locates, supports and securely clamps the workpiece from underneath, providing full machining access to five sides.
Carr Lane Roemheld offers a wide range of hydraulic work supports that automatically adjust to the workpiece height, then lock securely to become fixed rests. Available in spring-advanced, fluid-advanced and air-advanced types, these work supports are extremely compact, starting at just 1" diameter, with maximum pressures up to 7,500 psi.
A variety of modular units from Carr Lane Roemheld can be combined in numerous ways for safe and efficient handling and movement of heavy loads in assembly operations.
Hilma's NC-series vises are superior to most standard vises, due to built-in hydraulics, according to Carr Lane Roemheld Manufacturing Co.
Carr Lane Roemheld's new compact clamp, which has a metallic wiper edge, is especially suited for applications where space is limited.
Fixturing set up time is reduced by as much as 90 percent with the new Stark Zero Point Mounting System from Carr Lane Roemheld Manufacturing Co.
Carr Lane Roemheld Manufacturing Co. introduces a new top flange work support.
Greg Kersulis, an applications engineer with ROEMHELD North America, discusses the benefits of adding sensor technology to clamping and fixturing systems. Cutting Tool Engineering visited with ROEMHELD at the  IMTS 2022 booth the company shared with Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.