The coupling bolts shared a lot of engineering characteristics of their High Torque retention knobs for V-Flange tooling. Given that JMPP currently manufactures and stocks over 400 different styles of retention knobs, the ‘coupling bolt challenge’ was a good fit and melded with their production processes nicely.
Safety in design is critical to CNC milling operations end products, as well as to the machine’s profitability. As the trajectory of today’s new milling technology trends toward machines producing extremely high speeds/high rpm within a smaller overall foot print–potential safety issues can’t be ignored. Loose tools moving fast could present the…
In an effort to ensure optimal mill productivity and tooling performance, JM Performance Products Inc. developed its patented Taper Shank Test Fixture to check toolholders and test for taper deformation.
CNC spindle maintenance is treated as a dirty, boring and often overlooked job. A clean spindle is essential for proper taper contact between the spindle and V-flange toolholder. Build-up of chips, dust, and oil in the spindle can jeopardize taper contact and result in premature wear, repair downtime and even CNC machine breakdown.
JM Performance Products Inc. has engineered its patented hydraulic Clamp Force Gage to provide a quick and inexpensive method to regularly check and measure the clamping/pulling force of the spindle drawbar. The hydraulic gage instantly reads in ft/lbs the amount of pull force being applied to the toolholder.
JM Performance Products Inc.'s toolholder test can be used to determine if manufacturing problems are a result of a machine issue or a tooling issue.
High-speed machining — in excess of 20,000 rpm — often is used in aerospace when machining exotic alloys and hard metals, such as titanium. At these speeds, precise, secure seating of tapered toolholders in the spindle becomes even more critical. Failing to pay attention to this single detail can lead to decreased productivity, less precise…
JM Performance Products and The Reshoring Initiative analyze “near-post-COVID” parameters with a trajectory focus on training, technology, supply chain, production, and reshoring.
Since the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, manufacturers have dealt with supply chain issues. In this Q&A, two industry leaders discuss the pandemic, the supply-chain and bringing manufacturing back to U.S. shores.
More than most industries, aerospace component manufacturing machines have a lot of exotic alloys and hard metals like titanium. A byproduct of utilizing these materials is that more pressure is put on the machines, spindles, and retention knobs. The result is that the tools must be changed out more frequently as they dull or break.
Whereas the retention knob is an unmistakably critical component of the machining process, conventional retention knobs, when installed in a toolholder, may deform the precision taper because of the elastic nature of a toolholder’s thin walls. This taper deformation prevents a toolholder from properly mating with the spindle of a CNC machine. JM…
Minority-owned Preco Manufacturing achieves superior finishes for aerospace applications while overcoming V-flange CNC milling problems via JM Performance Products’ high-torque retention knobs.
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Watch this brief video as JM Performance Products demonstrates how the company's high-torque retention knobs prevent toolholder expansion.
Craig Fischer, plant manager for JM Performance Products Inc., highlighted some of the company's newer products, including BT30 retention knobs, that were on display at the company's booth during Eastec 2023.