JM Performance offers toolholder test

September 01, 2015

JM Performance Products Inc.'s toolholder test can be used to determine if manufacturing problems are a result of a machine issue or a tooling issue. If you have tools that are not running at their optimal level, give the test a try and let the company know your results.

Follow these six steps to determine the origin of the problem:

1. Touch off the tool in question and write down the tool tip reference position.

2. Remove the tool from the spindle and loosen the retention knob.

3. Retighten the retention knob, this time only finger tight, do not torque the knob.

4. Reload the toolholder in the machine.

5. Touch off the tool again and write down the tool tip reference position.

6. Compare the readings. If the numbers are different, the difference is the distance the toolholder stops short of full engagement with the spindle. If the numbers are the same, the toolholder is properly engaged with the spindle. Retighten the retention knob; no other adjustments need to be made.

If tooling is the issue, High Torque Retention Knobs are the solution, according to the company.

The retention knobs ensure full engagement of the toolholder in the spindle.


• Increase productivity 10-30 percent

• Reduce chatter and harmonics

• Reduce setup times

• Increase spindle life

• Improve finishes

• Reduce runout

Related Glossary Terms

  • chatter


    Condition of vibration involving the machine, workpiece and cutting tool. Once this condition arises, it is often self-sustaining until the problem is corrected. Chatter can be identified when lines or grooves appear at regular intervals in the workpiece. These lines or grooves are caused by the teeth of the cutter as they vibrate in and out of the workpiece and their spacing depends on the frequency of vibration.

  • toolholder


    Secures a cutting tool during a machining operation. Basic types include block, cartridge, chuck, collet, fixed, modular, quick-change and rotating.


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