The two-press production cell uses a centralized control station which sets the operating parameters of both presses and controls the action sequences of both FANUC robots. All equipment in the cell is automatically updated with new process parameters when changing between products.
This 2500 Ton Press is part of a seven-press order which is currently being built in their main facility. The press also features an innovative mold transfer system which significantly improves the ergonomic and safety dynamics for operators, and reduces the press idle time between cycles.
Greenerd will present unique hydraulic press application solutions at IMTS this year, including discussing an automated 30-Ton Gantry style hydraulic press which was built for an application requiring precise positioning of pins. A linear transducer mounted in the press cylinder enables a minimum depth to be programmed into the control to ensureā€¦
Greenerd Press & Machine Co. Inc. recently built and delivered three bench type C-frame 40-Ton Hydraulic Straightening Presses, Model HPBS-40, for a major U.S. airplane manufacturer.