All Profilator machines are designed for dry machining. This brings several advantages such as: an optimized machining area, no coolant and no coolant mist.  The inverted, vertical spindle(s) allow free chip fall into the central chip conveyor at the bottom, while no coolant means no washing of the workpiece is required and the lack of coolant…
The Stiefelmayer laser is particularly well adapted to cutting precision shapes in thin substrates, including mild steel, stainless, copper and brass.  Motor laminations are a particular specialty and this fact matches the drive to EV in the American auto industry.
GMTA, the North American distributor of Profilator, has added new machines using the process modules it already supplies. Profilator is suitable when customers require complex machining processes to be carried out effectively, efficiently and with high precision.
German Machine Tools of America, the North American distributor of BvL, has announced that it will now offer BvL’s Niagara MO cleaning system. This two tank machine comes equipped with a flood spray cleaning system and revolving wheel technology. Optional ultrasound cleaning ensures a high level of cleanliness.
GMTA (German Machine Tools of America) represents the Profilator line of gear pointing, rounding, cutting, Scudding, Hard Scudding, deburring and polygon machine tools for North America. These modular machines are use for polygon and slot facing, shifter stop machining, chamfering and deburring of complex automotive and other powertrain gears.
German Machine Tools of America (GMTA) offers a full line of Rasoma machining centers, including vertical turning centers, 4-axis shaft turning centers, end machining centers, double-spindle and various special-purpose machining centers with full automation is offered. Rasoma is a large machine tool builder, founded in 1919 and based in Döbeln,…
German Machine Tools of America (GMTA) offers a full line of Samag multispindle machining centers and deep-hole drilling machines to the North American market. Samag, based in Saalfeld, Germany, with offices and service centers worldwide, engineers and builds a variety of multispindle machines, the MFZ series for high-volume cubic work pieces and…
Available from German Machine Tools of America (GMTA) is the laser technology of Arnold Ravensburg, a leading supplier to the German gearmaking, automotive and off-highway powertrain markets. New machines are being offered by GMTA, along with full laser integration technology through application engineering.
Available from German Machine Tools of America (GMTA), the Präwema SynchroFine 205 HS gear honing machine features direct-driven, digitally controlled spindles for the tool and the workpiece, enabling precise, rigid synchronization.
A VDW study calculates above-average growth in global investment up to 2040.

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German Machine Tools of America is now the North American distributor of WEMA Glauchau GmbH.