The 20lb FK-5-1-12 ILP product enables Firetrace to offer its global customers in manufacturing, machining and clean energy, a system that is UL Listed and FM Approved, to protect larger enclosures for CNC machines and electrical cabinets and components.
Firetrace International, Scottsdale, Ariz., offers CNC machinery fire suppression inside your machinery to instantly protect it from the risks of fire, the company reported in a Jan. 19 news release. Ultimately, these are re extinguishing systems designed to protect your machines by detecting when there is a re present and extinguishing it before…
CTE Staff
Productive Times
Elite Outfitting Solutions Inc. needed to ensure that a Swiss-style machine would not be destroyed if a fire were to erupt during a cutting operation involving titanium and high-pressure oil. Firetrace International and Haight Fire Equipment Supply provided Elite a fire suppression system designed for a CNC machine. Video captured by Elite shows…