This analog DREHplus 3D tester from Euro-Tech features innovative, precise probing technology through a patented conical tip specifically designed for measuring tools on lathes saving time and money. No expensive additional equipment is necessary plus the DREHplus is impervious to splash water and oil.
Euro-Tech Corporation is the North American distributor of the Tshcorn line of 3D testers. The most popular model, the SLIMplus analog 3D-tester can remain wet in the toolchanger—without any damage; impervious to splash water and oil.
Euro-Tech Corp. says high-accuracy inspections with true 4K inspection capability, magnification to 400x and X-micron linear scales make the new PG1000-400S-4K inspection gage ideal for microtools. More pixels per inch result in better image quality and higher accuracy inspections with this Reaction series gage.
Euro-Tech Corp. says MyTec Hydraclamp expansion tools are the optimal connecting link between workpiece and machine.
Within seconds, a part-specific outline is molded with this new flexible pin clamping element from Euro-Tech Corp., making a workpiece ready for machining, inspection or numerous other applications; with each pin locked by a separate clamping sleeve.
Automated inspection equipment can offer advantages, such as enabling lights-out machining, but manual methods are typically less expensive and can provide quicker results. One example is a manually operated gage for inspecting round cutting tools.