Dake Corp. announces the addition of two new benchtop horizontal bandsaws to its horizontal bandsaw product line. The semiautomatic SE 5X6 RCT model (pictured) comes fully loaded with gravity down feed and Reverse Cutting Technology (RCT), while the SE 5X8 is manual feed with a 2-speed motor.
Dake Corp. introduces their line of NC feed systems, giving shops everywhere the ability to increase productivity, decrease setup time, reduce operator error and reduce waste. Using the Dake feed systems, any semiautomatic ironworker, cold saw, drill press or punching machine can easily be turned into a fully automatic production tool, according…

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When Dake opened its doors 130 years ago in Grand Haven, Mich., the machine tool manufacturer became known for its prowess at producing steam engines. Dake manufactured more than 10,000 steam engines for the war effort. Only after the end of World War II did Dake begin manufacturing its line of arbor presses and hand-operated hydraulic presses.