NC Feed Systems

April 27,2016

Dake Corp. introduces their line of NC feed systems, giving shops everywhere the ability to increase productivity, decrease setup time, reduce operator error and reduce waste. Using the Dake feed systems, any semiautomatic ironworker, cold saw, drill press or punching machine can easily be turned into a fully automatic production tool, according to the company. A free-standing control panel with an easy-to-read LCD digital display and infinitely variable programming gives operators endless opportunities to enhance their metalworking capabilities.

These feed systems come complete with a precision steel guide and hardened double ball bearings in the moving carrier. A solid steel top is available in 10’-30’ lengths and can be mounted on the left or right side. These options make it easy for the operator to cut different lengths and amounts from the same bar.

Operation is easy. Simply place the metal to cut, clamp into place, set the program with the RS232 interface (with TS312 communication software for PC) and be ready to get to work. The free-standing control system offers infinitely variable programming with a ±0.001" encoder accuracy along with the ability to store multiple jobs. Inch/metric conversion programming saves the operator the hassle of having to convert measurements by hand.

The Dake feed systems can be used by shops as a fully automatic push system or a programmable stop system by adding a pneumatic brake.

Related Glossary Terms

  • drilling machine ( drill press)

    drilling machine ( drill press)

    Machine designed to rotate end-cutting tools. Can also be used for reaming, tapping, countersinking, counterboring, spotfacing and boring.

  • feed


    Rate of change of position of the tool as a whole, relative to the workpiece while cutting.

  • metalworking


    Any manufacturing process in which metal is processed or machined such that the workpiece is given a new shape. Broadly defined, the term includes processes such as design and layout, heat-treating, material handling and inspection.

  • numerical control ( NC)

    numerical control ( NC)

    Any controlled equipment that allows an operator to program its movement by entering a series of coded numbers and symbols. See CNC, computer numerical control; DNC, direct numerical control.

  • sawing machine ( saw)

    sawing machine ( saw)

    Machine designed to use a serrated-tooth blade to cut metal or other material. Comes in a wide variety of styles but takes one of four basic forms: hacksaw (a simple, rugged machine that uses a reciprocating motion to part metal or other material); cold or circular saw (powers a circular blade that cuts structural materials); bandsaw (runs an endless band; the two basic types are cutoff and contour band machines, which cut intricate contours and shapes); and abrasive cutoff saw (similar in appearance to the cold saw, but uses an abrasive disc that rotates at high speeds rather than a blade with serrated teeth).