Benz Inc. has completely revised its broaching unit Benz LinA. With its new, compact design, the new Benz LinA 4.0 is lighter and much more rigid, yet capable of up to 1,500 strokes per minute. Easily fine-tuned and with a standard gear ratio of 2-1, this unit can power through many more materials with minimal or no vibration, greatly improving…
BENZ has announced that it has introduced a new digital application named, an Industry 4.0-ready application for monitoring the condition of its products. The BENZ Smart-Factory smartphone and tablet application scans, saves and processes tool data and uses it to provide important information about the product's current condition.
BENZ Inc. has introduced a new product called NanoFix, a modular quick-change system for Swiss lathe live and static tools applications. The BENZ NanoFix modular quick-change system is designed for Swiss-type tooling with a minimum spindle distance of 22 mm and makes it simple to change tools inside the Swiss lathe in as little as 15 seconds.
BENZ offers high-speed spindle speeders for the wood, metal and composites industries.
BENZ has announced that it is offering new adjustable angle heads to help manufacturers improve their machining and milling operations.
Many machine shops are losing tens of thousands of dollars in company profits each year by not implementing quick-change tooling on mills and lathes. Implementing this technology can easily reduce downtime an hour a day.

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Benz Inc., Hickory, N.C., which produces CNC tooling for the metal, wood and composites industries, named Brian Krin the Southeast regional sales manager for metal tooling.