Video Reports

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc. Applications Engineer James Sabatino visits with Cutting Tool Engineering Publisher Dennis Spaeth, who visited the company's booth during EASTEC 2021 to learn more about the Miyano BNE-MYY fixed headstock type CNC automatic lathe.
Gorilla Mill President and Owner Kevin Cranker offers Cutting Tool Engineering a quick tour of the company's booth at EASTEC 2021, highlighting two new Gorilla Mill lines: the Arsenal' lines during Cutting Tool Engineering's EASTEC 2021 booth visit. Cranker begins the tour by featuring the company's new Arsenal line of Picatinny cutters along with a new line of Lemur chamfering mills.
For Cutting Tool Engineering's EASTEC 2021 booth visit with Mikron Tool, Regional Sales Manager Clive Komlenic talks about the company's new CrazyMill Cool Plunge & Slot square and corner radius mill as well as its new line of small diameter micro mills (0.2 to 0.9 mm three-flute and 0.4 to 0.9 mm four-flute).
Cutting Tool Engineering's video booth visit with BIG DAISHOWA Inc. at EASTEC 2021 covers an array of the company's latest products.
Video highlights the IMCO enDURO M5 Series endmills for titanium and stainless steels.
AutoMarkX is an automatic stand-alone laser marking station replacing manual and labour-intensive processes. It is AIMS compatible which means it could work in a fully automatic mode without human intervention, if required.
This short video showcases the new TURNPWR control as a workshop-oriented turning control that enables the user to program conventional machining operations right at the machine in an easy-to-use conversational programming language. It is designed for turning machine tools with up to two axes.
Witness Visioneering's journey on completely eliminating water-based coolant from their machining process and facility, utilizing DropsA MQL solutions!
Check out the newly released Hurrimill AT4 end mill. This all terrain 4 flute end mill is perfect for slotting and profiling, ramping, plunging, high speed milling, and roughing and finishing.
Designed for CNC machining, Heule’s BSF (Back Spot Facer) tool is an economical backwards spotfacing and counterboring tool that allows machining of large spotfaces and counterbores up to 2.3xd without turning the work piece over.
Mitee-Bite Products introduces the Pitbull® Wear Plate. This shim provides a hard barrier between Pitbull® Clamp and fixture, preventing distortion of back wall when using aluminum or mild steel fixtures.
The DeBurr-Z is said to eliminate the need for tedious hand work by deburring parts quickly and consistently on a CNC machine.